In 9th grade, I started playing tennis for the first time. I tried out for my local high school tennis team and I made it. Tennis was an amazing experience and a great way to start out my first semester in high school. I made so many friends and everyone was so close. We had practice after school and it was a great way to end the school day and relieve stress. Tennis became very important to me and became one of my favorite sports. My 9th grade year I was not the best at tennis, but I enjoyed practice and I was getting better.

In 10th grade, I played tennis again for my local high school. The summer before my 10th grade year I took private lessons. I moved up four spots on the team. I really enjoy tennis and I plan on continuing my Tennis journey as long as I can.

My Tennis Racquet

2 thoughts on “Tennis

  1. Hey Caeley, your blog post loos great! I think it’ s really cool that you moved up 4 spots on your team that shows a lot of growth and dedication as well as work ethic. I hope that your journey in tennis continues!!
    I think that this post has many strengths; one is that the text develops. It is nice that it starts at the beginning of your journey in tennis and explains how you grew as a player. One thing that could be improved is your transition words from one stage to another. Over all it was great!


  2. Caeley, “Tennis” offers a thoughtful look at your development as a tennis player, beginning in your ninth-grade year. Crafting a title that expresses an idea about your tennis play, using precise, concrete verbs, and adding necessary commas would strengthen the post. I recommend reading your drafts aloud. Noting where you pause may indicate where you need to add a comma.


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