Battle of the Books

Back in the fourth and fifth grade, in my old elementary school building is where most of my love for reading experiences happened. I have always loved to read, and it all started back in kindergarten. Every week my teacher would take us to pick out a new book at the library. I remember as a little kid thinking that the library was enormous. There was a smaller section with picture books and short stories for us. There was a small duct tape line on the carpet of the library floor that you could only cross if your reading level was high enough. Behind the line were thousands of chapter books and I remember getting to cross this line at a very young age. Some days I would check out two Junie B. Jones books and read them both that same night.

Fast forward to about fourth and fifth grade when my reading began to really take off. My small elementary school had one hallway that the fourth and the fifth graders shared. In fourth grade, the librarian started asking us if we wanted to join Battle of the Books, also known as B.O.B. Battle of the Books involves groups of fourth and fifth graders who read and complete questions based on what they read. At the end of the year, they would go compete against other schools, so of course, I joined. You had to read almost twenty books and our team would meet and answer questions on the books. At the end of the school year, we went to the competition. At the competition, there were six other teams. We all met in an old brick school building and we would go against each team one by one. The man over it would ask each team questions about the books and the team with the most points won. We worked as a team and we would talk together before one person gave an answer. Sometimes the questions asked about a specific book and you would have to give the answer referring to that book. Other times, the questions were about a book and you would have to give the book title and if you could give the authors name too, you would get an extra point. We did not win, but I went back and joined the team again my fifth grade year.

My love for reading has grown and shrunk over the years after that. Some days I can read forever and other days I don’t even want to pick up a book. Reading is very important to me though. During Battle of the Books, I found one of my favorite books called Runaway Twin, by Peg Kehret. I remember picking up this book and not wanting to put it down till I was finished. When you read, you can just escape the world around you. Sometimes just for a second it feels good just to escape. Books can influence the way you feel or think about something. Books can make you feel so many emotions all at once. Books can also just tell a great story. I am very passionate about reading.

One thought on “Battle of the Books

  1. Caeley,
    Your literacy narrative, “Battle of the Books,” presents a thoughtful look at how your interest in books increased along with your reading skills when you participated as a fourth and fifth grader in the Battle of the Books program. Presenting more of the narrative through scene, offering more concrete, significant details, and eliminating minor errors of punctuation and style would make this strong essay even stronger.


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