Dapper Advertisment

Lenoir-Rhyne is a private institution in Hickory, North Carolina. The school is known for its academics and southern charm. One specific advertisement showcases Lenoir-Rhyne and what they are known for. This advertisement for Lenoir-Rhyne University was showcased in Our State magazine in August 2015. The advertisement offers a beautiful background of the school campus and a diverse group of students. The advertisement also shows their school mascot and offers a conveying description pertaining to their school. Colleges are notorious for their conveying advertisements. Often colleges put their best ideas and views from campus on advertisements so students will want to apply to their school. Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement is a prime example of this.

Writing Process

The idea that Lenoir Rhyne University is trying to portray to the reader is that “higher education has never been so dapper”(1). The background of the advertisement consists of flourishing green trees and a bright blue sky. It looks like a warm spring day. A statue of the bear, which is their mascot is in the background. The college looks very fancy and expensive. Brick school buildings are off in the distance and five diverse students are standing and sitting along a short brick wall. The buildings have multiple windows and they are large in size. The five students are all wearing varying shades of blue. There are two males and three females. The male sitting on the wall is wearing a long sleeve, bright blue button-up with khakis and a bow tie. The male that is leaning against the wall is wearing a long sleeve, pastel blue button up with the sleeves rolled up and bright blue shorts. All three females are standing and wearing pastel blue dresses. Two of the females are wearing sunglasses to indicate that it is a sunny day. In the advertisement, the viewer can notice that the student’s hair is blowing in the wind, thus noting that the weather is good. The clothing they are wearing portrays a preppy look. They are all dresses unusually nice for normal college students on a normal day of class. The students each look like they are having a conversation and they are all interacting with other students. Each student looks relaxed and like they are having a good time. The advertisement says, “Our campus welcomes students to a close knit community of people where leaders of tomorrow have emerged for over a century” (1). The advertisement does a good job in portraying what it says.

The Lenoir Rhyne advertisement shows all of the good aspects of Lenoir Rhyne. The text shows overdressed, preppy college students. It emphasizes the southern charm and academic quality of the school. The goal of the advertisement is to convey future students to go to college at Lenoir Rhyne University. The advertisement compares the way the students are dressed to the level of education they will receive. The advertisement showcases the great aspects Lenoir Rhyne is and how beautiful it is. It shows how diverse the students are and how great of an education students will receive if they choose to go there. Lenoir Rhyne University does a great job in putting their best ideas and views into their advertisement to try to convey students to go to school there.

One thought on “Dapper Advertisment

  1. Caeley,
    Your textual analysis, “Dapper Advertisement,” presents a thoughtful close study of the Lenoir-Rhyne University advertisement featured in the August 2015 issue of Our State magazine. Paring your sentences for economy (eliminating wordiness and using subordinate clauses), and correcting errors of diction and style would make this strong essay even stronger.


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